Chemical Violations Documentation Centre of Syria CVDCS

CVDCS is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation that strives to consolidate the concepts of justice and equality in citizenship, regardless of religion or ethnicity.
It is based in Brussels, having been established and active since 2012.
It was officially registered as an association sans but lucrative (a.s.b.l, a formal designation under Belgian law).
The Chemical Violations Documentation Centre of Syria (CVDCS) is an organisation that documents all incidents and evidence of use of chemical weapons in Syria, seeking justice for the victims and their families, under the umbrella of international laws and human rights.
CVDCS is constantly in close contact with academic and scientific professionals in Syria, to ensure that the documentation of incidents is updated daily and accurately, and strive to collaborate as closely as possible with Intergovernmental Organisations such as the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) and the United Nations (UN).